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Get world class support for free with our Support Plan.

Shopping Cart Elite has perfected outsourcing staff from overseas by implementing special processes and training programs. We hired recruiters to find the best talent across the globe, then we trained them to use Shopping Cart Elite. This allows our clients to easily and quickly tap into a network of trained and affordable support to help their businesses succeed.


Minimum RetainerFREE
Priority Support1
Priority 1 Relief0 - 1 Days
Priority 2 ReliefStaffing Only
Priority 3 ReliefStaffing Only
Priority 4 ReliefStaffing Only
ResolutionStandard Release
Priority 1 - 3 FollowupStaffing Only
Tech 1Priority 1 Cases Only
Tech 2Priority 1 Cases Only
Tech (Developer)Priority 1 Cases Only
DesignerPriority 1 Cases Only
Illustrator / Powerpoint DesignerStaffing Only
Business AnalystStaffing Only
Account ManagerStaffing Only
Marketing AdvisoryStaffing Only
Open Tickets for DesignStaffing Only
Open Tickets for TechStaffing Only
Open Tickets for DeveloperStaffing Only
Account Manager AssignmentPriority 1 Cases Only
CommitmentStaffing Only
Reset of Committed HoursStaffing Only


Monday - Friday
9a - 7p EST
Closed Major Holidays

Critical Incidents are Monitored 24/7/365


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Hiring can be a long, expensive and exhausting process. That's why all our staff goes through rigorous training, several interviews, logic tests, data and tech training and more. Our Support Plans simplify and accelerate hiring by offering you ready and trained staff to tackle your projects or resolve any issues your business encounters.


With over 130 staff available we offer any support your company may need from data entry to design to video production, programming and more. Searching and hiring can be a long and tedious process taking you away from focusing on your business. Leave the vetting of staff up to us and have access to a variety of skills without having to take on another full-time employee.


Get a dedicated account manager who will have a clear and effective process to follow up with you and ensure issues are resolved quickly. The account manager provides customer support, technical support, planning and optimization as well as informed decision making and a truly collaborative partnership. The success of our account management strategy is evidenced by our extensive client list and length of our client relationships.