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How To Sell On Marketplace

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How To Sell On Marketplace - Inventory Management

Overstock is a great place to buy and sell your stuff. It hosts a great auction site and great features for all members. provides comprehensive buying details and feedback about every user on the site.

Selling Fees

Overstocks listing fees are technically lower than eBay, but not by much. Registration is free and listing costs range from 10 to $3.15. Final value fees are also less expensive than eBay, only 3% for items sold under $25. If your items dont sell, you can relist your items for free as many times as it takes to sell them. Upgrading your listing and adding attention getters to Overstock listings costs about the same as eBay, $1 for bold and $5 for highlighting. Having your auction featured costs $13.17. The first picture you upload is free, but you can add up to 6 more for 10 each. Overstock also has subscription plans for frequent and concurrent users. Plans start at $6.95 a month for 25 simultaneous listings. Or you can open a store and cross promote your items on the details page.

Selling Features

Sellers cant list multiple items under a Dutch auction, nor can they have a private auction listing. Sellers are also not allowed to block bidders for any reason and cant cancel bids. Sellers can add a subtitle to their auction listings and offer their items at fixed prices if they wish. A page counter is located at the bottom of each listing page so you can see how many times your item has been viewed.

Listing Options

Looking for auction items and bidding on them is simple on Advanced search functions make looking for specifics even easier. You can also easily change how your search results are sorted and listed. You can change how many search results are displayed per page and sort the listings in a number of different ways, including time remaining, number of bids, and price. Overstock also includes a live time clock on every page that continuously counts down the auction without having to repeatedly refresh your page. However, you must remember to refresh occasionally to update other bids.

Payment Options

Overstock relies on the typical feedback program, allowing both buyers and sellers to leave comments and ratings about other members. Buyers and sellers are then encouraged to review other members feedback to determine if they can be trusted based on previous transactions and other members experiences. To deter sniping, all Overstock auctions are placed on soft closes, which means if there is any bidding activity within the last ten minutes of the auction, the auction is extended for another 10 minutes, after which, bidding closes. High priced items require bidders to place credit card deposits as earnest money on the product they are bidding on. All deposits will be refunded when the auction closes.


Shopping Cart Elite can be your central data hub for all your products to sell on Overstock. It can submit it to any marketplace channel such as Overstock, eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping on demand the orders, inventory and customers in sync in the back office using our NEW product that is directly integrated into Shopping Cart Elite called Hub.


Acquired in 2014, Hub is a Shopping Cart Elite product that is designed for multi-channel retailers who are dissatisfied with their current supply chain management software, Hub is a specialized retailing platform that lets your business access a range of marketing channels like Overstock, Amazon and eBay and helps maintain, analyze and optimize operations across each of those marketplaces. Unlike ChannelAdvisor, we integrate directly with Shopping Cart Elite, and an ERP system to give you seamless connectivity between all your sales channels.

MarketplaceCreate ListingsUpdate ListingsUpdate PricesInventory SyncGet OrdersShipping Labels
Fulfillment by Amazon
Amazon International
eBay Motor
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Rakuten Shopping
NewEgg Business
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Groupon Goods
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List your products from one catalog on all the marketplaces in bulk or individually. Our powerful automation will help you expand your business, quickly and easily. You can list, update and revise listings across marketplaces. You can list thousands of products with one click, create bulk variations, create bulk automotive fitments and use excel or our wizard to do this all.


waste time setting listing options one product at a time. Load all of your channel-specific listing settings into a Listing Preset and never worry about entering them again. You can assign a Preset right from within the Listing Builder. You can create various templates for shipping, returns, and item specifics. When you list a product, simply choose the template(s) with the correct set of options and you are ready to sell.


Monitor and manage all of your listings when you sell on Overstock in one simple interface. View by to bulk edit data specific to that channel, or drill into any listing to edit fine details.


We automatically fill in your Overstock, eBay or Amazon product descriptions by your titles, model number, MSRP, description, specifications and images so you can focus on doing what you do best. From a simple text-based eBay Description to a professionally designed template with logos, backgrounds, and hypertext menus, we support it all.


Selling on 2 Overstock accounts, 2 eBay stores, 1 Sears, 1 Rakuten, 1 Newegg stores? No you will only need one account with us for that. Stop pulling your hair out, and start expanding your business to more channels.


Customize your titles, descriptions, and pricing based on specific channels when you sync to the Overstock Marketplace. You can also use custom tokens to customize and build dynamic titles and descriptions on a template level using token variables.


Your products have variants. Easily add variant options and push to marketplace.


Map custom product categories based each marketplace and have the ability to override on the item level.


Customize your selling price on different channels, you even have the ability to auto adjust the price from MSRP, Dealer, Web or Cost so as your cost is updated, your channel pricing will also be updated automatically.


Shadow listings allow for multiple product profiles to be assigned to a single product. This helps when listing the same product for sale in different ways while keeping inventory in sync.


When selling on Overstock you can easily create options for customers to bundle and package an assortment of products to their liking. We can set to automatically list multiple items as a single-unit kit - in addition to their regular listing. Inventory of the kit can be dependent on the component's inventory or can be transferred to the kit as an assembly.


Joining an existing Amazon, Overstock, Newegg, etc. listing is easy. Simply provide the UPC or ASIN and a price, and ready to sell! You can also join eBay listing by providing the eBay Item # next to the SKU.



Selling on Overstock is easy, just add your inventory once and let us take it from there. Inventory is adjusted automatically and synchronized across all your listings. Set rules to control your available inventory on each channel. View inventory history, set product condition, view BIN location, setup multiple warehouses, manage kits and bundles, and even sync FTP and Amazon FBA inventory automatically.


Refine your multi-channel strategy with customized inventory rules for each channel. Reflect scarcity, show heavy stock, or always keep a reserve. You can also keep true inventory in sync, while forcing a low inventory to sync to eBay not to exceed your eBay limits while making sure your true inventory is not affected.


For clients operating out of multiple warehouses, we aggregate all inventory into a single tracking platform allowing simple, real-time inventory tracking across all the of the company's warehouses, real or virtual, sellable and non-sellable.


Multiple companies operating off a shared inventory and selling on can utilize tools to maintain the characteristics and branding of each individual company while operating off a single management software.


Don't waste time constantly keeping tabs on stock accuracy. The platform maintains product quantity with a single centralized platform. Push to all your marketplaces and websites, when a transaction occurs on one marketplace the entire system is updated.


Take advantage of even the smallest features come to expect from your channels. From eBay listing settings to Overstock search keywords, we cover them all.



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