Compare Channel Advisor Review to Omni Channel

Multi channel selling software is not all the same. Nor is it always true that you get what you pay for. For many online retailers, there can be a process of trial and error to find the best route to multi channel selling success. Many people find themselves trying to choose between established systems and newer solutions that may provide greater connectivity or easier functionality across novel channels.

About ChannelAdvisor

Since 2001 ChannelAdvisor has been a platform focusing on innovation and developing technology in the realms of e-commerce. ChannelAdvisor Morrisville is the company HQ and it also has offices in the UK., the parent website suggests that ChannelAdvisor operates as a helix system, with data being fed by retailers into the ChannelAdvisor system which syncs it with marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. Customer orders and other performance information then flow back through the same system to enable customers to make decisions about their e-commerce strategies.

When you're looking for a reliable ChannelAdvisor review there are few places more reputable than trustpilot. Examining the range of commentary on channeladvisor reveals a couple of fascinating elements:

  • negative channeladvisor reviews tend come from customers outside the USA - if your business is UK based, for example, it seems you may have considerably greater difficulties with order fulfilment
  • the steep learning curve to the system seems best suited to those with complex etailing needs who are happy to invest in add-on functions and third party tools.

About Omni Channel Hub - new generation omnichannel retailing platform

Created by experts with a focus on delivering the goods for multi-channel retailers whose current supply chain management software has fallen short of their needs, Omni Channel Hub operates just like many other platforms but with some new generation functionality that is specifically designed to take multi-channel retailing to the next level. In direct contrast to Channeladvisor, Omni Channel Hub integrates directly with Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) and an ERP system to offer:

  • unified connectivity between all sales channels
  • straightforward submissions to any marketplace channel such as eBay, Amazon or Google
  • multiple accounts - if you have 2 Amazon accounts, 2 eBay stores, 1 Sears, 1 Rakuten, and a Newegg store, you still only need one Omni Channel Hub account
  • instant syncing of orders, inventory and customers via powerful back office functions.

Often considered to be one of the front-running ChannelAdvisor competitors, Omni Channel Hub drives forward its focus on becoming a market leader by showing that its channeladvisor alternatives are compelling benefits that help its clients focus on growing their businesses rather than having to master a learning curve with each new channel or hunting to establish whether an API will provide the right programmable interface to deliver service to different consumers across channels.

Pricing your platform

A design your own package system makes channeladvisor pricing very hard to calibrate. What we do know is that ChannelAdvisor charges an upfront annual fee plus and an implementation/launch fee for each channel they assist in integrating. They also charge commission on sales ranging from 0.5% to ~2% based on monthly volume. ChannelAdvisor login delivers access to the whole package but its important to be aware that pricing may change based on sales volumes from month to month.

At Omni Chanel Hub the pricing system is transparent as befits a solution that wants to be a partner, not a vendor. SKU quantities determine how much each customer pays and begin at $.75 a SKU for between 1-250 SKUs, and culminating in $.10 per SKU for between 501-7,500 SKUs or for above 7,500 SKUs a personalised plan is available - just call!